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Living Witness

 You are the Miracle, I AM the Witness

One Small story, shared from the space of the Soul, the birthless, deathless, timeless extraordinary Soul, seen through the lens of Eternity, is more powerful, more moving, and higher in vibration than 100 books written with the brain of worldly knowledge.  Soul Story is an eternal legacy.

All My Stories

EveryDay Stories of the Soul

"We are the unique stories woven into the fabric of this beautiful tapestry we call life.  Every thread must be spun, every voice must be heard. "

Hi, I'm Andrea Fricke.  I have a background in holistic wellness, massage & energy bodywork and spirituality. I have a passion for speaking, inspiring transformations through story telling and facilitating groups. I created “Living Witness” as a platform to help others discover the hidden aspects of their divine identity. I've worked with clients from all walks of life and understand the souls need to expand and to create. I know that the immensity of the soul must be realized by freedom, by awareness, and the intense drive for authenticity. Our unique stories weave us into the destiny of the collective. Every voice must be heard. I'm thrilled to be a catalyst through which some of those stories can be shared.

Andrea Fricke Soul Speaker



Interview with Soul

Soul Consultation: meditation practice to get in touch with the unique calling of your soul.

Energy Reading: to engage with your very own spirit guides in the essence of love and collaboration. To ask: Is there a message for you?

Is there a message for the world through you?


Tell Your Story

Let me help you construct your own soul story from the beginning "Interview with Soul" 

to outlining a narrative then creating the body and theme of your very own ebook.

I will walk with you all the way to the end result of getting your product onto your own online platform. 


My First Ebook

Echoes of the Soul
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