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Can I appreciate Everything.

Flow of gratefulness for that which seems to bring fear.

Grateful for debt, for the seeming importance of money, for the idea of lack. Grateful for the usurper who takes my attention from Spirit, for the feeling of being tricked, of not quite understanding everything.

For other people and the mirror they hold up to me when I see my failure the most - these muddy unclear emotions that get dragged to the surface when I want them to go away.

Grateful for being stuck or unsure or caught up in a pit of destruction.

For fear of death, fear of pain.

I'm grateful for fear and the necessary role it seems to play in a life worth living.

Fear that causes me to pause, causes me to ask for help. Fear that brings me to the cross in search of redemption and resurrection. Fear that gives me a chance to start again. The Fire that clears a forest. I'm grateful for fear and the aspects of my little world perception that cause fear.

I'm grateful for the fear that causes me to be Right Sized and lines up the challenges and the obstacles from a small perspective and causes me to stretch around it and above it to call upon the aerial view.

I'm grateful for the fear of staying the same, for resistance that builds resilience and for having an enemy to push against, an obstacle in the way, an antagonist to argue with, a debt to feel powerless against. For the feeling of forever, it's too beg to overcome by myself.

I need to admit that if I'm grateful to "God" for security and abundance - I'm grateful to god for scarcity and instability. If I'm grateful for health, then I'm grateful for disease.

Not because I look to see the positive in everything NO! NO!

BUT BECAUSE THERE IS A DEPTH OF SOUL EXPERIENCE in Joy AND in Pain!!! In confidence and insecurity. In Light and In Darkness.

If I pick up the stick of fortune I also hold the stick of loss.

It is only in the presence of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil that I break this world into one of duality. In essence ALL in the garden is encompassed in ONE.

There is a different kind of peace and assurance when I realize that ALL is perfect as is it is. Even the deceiver.

I can do the unexpected. I can stand naked in front of fear and say,

"I Love You. Come on this journey with me. Let's step away from this One Tree and explore together the whole vast limitless REST OF THE GARDEN. Turn around there it is. Turn around Here is paradise. Here is Eden."

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Hello, I'm Andrea.  I wax poetic a lot of the time and embellish adjectives for the sake of the imagery and enjoyment of reading.  But please note that every story is true and happened to me.  I write with authority. Magic does really exist and miracles happen every day.

My wish is that you read my words for entertainment and inspiration.  And that soon you'll contact me to add your words to our collective dialogue of creating the new life we've always imagined it could be.

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