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Food for Soul

Food for Soul, My Black Bean Salad
Thai Black Bean & Corn Salad I made

Food for my Soul is food for my body and for my energy. I always think of colors when I am making food for my body to eat. I think of all the variety of food colors and I try to include lots of different colors in my meal.

It's a pleasure for my eyes to see the vibrant reds, bright yellows, solid browns, majestic purples.... hah!

I think of my chakra energy as well. I like to include as many of the seven chakra colors as possible. This I do for balance, for richness of vibration, for joy.

Food for Soul, Chicken Berry salad
Berry, Chicken, Goat Cheese Salad I made

Soon I will start a soul contemplation group in which we will consider one energetic chakra vortex per week. During that week we will collectively gather information about one pertinent chakra. What yoga moves to enhance its integration into the whole, what foods to eat for that particular energy, what breath work to practice, what thoughts to focus upon.. etc..

I think it will be a great seven weeks to remind ourselves that we are so much more than just our five senses. I feel the need to be as aware as I can be about the energy I use and the reason behind it. Food, breathing, water, exercise, stretching, kindness, grace, gratitude, and love are all wonderful tools to enjoy a happy, healthy, and Soul connected life.

Your Living Witness,


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