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I Feel Unworthy

Is it unusual to begin my blog with a confession of my feelings? I feel as though I am not ready. I feel as though I don't know enough yet. I feel as though my skills are not valuable enough to have a positive effect on the evolution of human kind. : )

Hah! I feel scared to take this first step and introduce myself to you. I feel trepidation in admitting that I have intentions that seem larger than life right now. I feel embarassed that I don't have all the answers, know the whole path, own a list of credentials behind my name that I can point to in justification of taking on this endeavor.

And yet, I step. One step in the direction of my joy, my excitement, my flow; one shaky step toward the life I want to live and the tribe I want to gather.

I love you already for reading this. You are a part of all of it.

I am Andrea Fricke. I do have training and am a certified massage therapist with 15 years of experience in bodywork and a II Degree Certificate in Usui Rieki. I do have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Professional and Creative writing. I do have a wealth of knowledge and evidence of Spirit Guides working in my life.

I am also in Recovery. I am Andrea Fricke and I am an alcoholic. I also struggle with insecurities, addiction to comfort, and many other maladies that make me blessedly human.

I am also eternally optimistic, genuinely connected to source, excited about gathering with all interested souls, and looking forward to exploration, expansion, and evolution.

Why do I want you to join in this journey with me? Because I believe you are human as well, processing life one experience at a time and perhaps together we can create a new pocket of existence.

I am Andrea. I am a Living Witness to the wonder, beauty, and miracle that is Life, a Living Witness to the very beginning.

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