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Living Witness Presents:

My very own YouTube Channel!! Hooray!

I'm very excited to begin my journey as an online influencer. : )

Well... a Soul Influence for my little corner of the world. I feel compelled to create the content I would like to see, the discussions I would like to have, the world I would like to be a part of.

What I love about this whole project; from my ebook: "Echoes of the Soul", to my business, "Living Witness", to my social media... is that anyone can do this.

It might not look like some of the practiced and professional influencers that are already out there, but it is the start. I get to start, to put what I have right now out into the world, and leave the outcome to the ripples in the ocean. I firmly believe that if I share my wisdom with pure intent and with love of life and Soul Perspective, that I will have that all returned to me.

I would love to inspire and help you create your own little piece of internet impact. You can change the world by creating your own. I stand in awe of your greatness.

Remember, you are the miracle.... I am the witness.


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About Me


Hello, I'm Andrea.  I wax poetic a lot of the time and embellish adjectives for the sake of the imagery and enjoyment of reading.  But please note that every story is true and happened to me.  I write with authority. Magic does really exist and miracles happen every day.

My wish is that you read my words for entertainment and inspiration.  And that soon you'll contact me to add your words to our collective dialogue of creating the new life we've always imagined it could be.

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