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Where does the shape, the breadth, the depth of everything exist? Freedom can only be expressed though the verb; "IS". Power can only be expressed through the verb; "IS"

"God" only IS.

There IS only right now. Am I able to be right now?

I do practice mindfulness and meditation. I take time to pause in appreciation of any given moment. That is part of what I mean by, "Presence"

But mainly, presence, is the ability to breathe fully right now. It's the mastery of staying with the moment, NO MATTER WHAT THE MOMENT IS.

I ask myself, "Can I Breathe with this?"

Be present mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. When I am fully in the moment, I can respond with power, wisdom, grace, acceptance, and most importantly; in alignment.

Practicing Presence does not mean standing still, taking no action. As a matter of fact the most clear precise directed aim for action happens when I am exactly in the moment.

A mastery of presence means that my only jumping off point is right now. It means I trust that I am fully prepared for each moment as it arises. It means that I start afresh with my purpose, but I carry with me all of the intelligence from years of being on this planet, all of the wisdom of spirit guides, all of the divine knowledge of Eternity, and faith in the fraction of God that shines through me constantly and is activated only NOW. And NOW.

I am here now. Rooted and breathing deeply and unhindered. I get to witness the world unfold around me and draw closer to myself that which is good.

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Hello, I'm Andrea.  I wax poetic a lot of the time and embellish adjectives for the sake of the imagery and enjoyment of reading.  But please note that every story is true and happened to me.  I write with authority. Magic does really exist and miracles happen every day.

My wish is that you read my words for entertainment and inspiration.  And that soon you'll contact me to add your words to our collective dialogue of creating the new life we've always imagined it could be.

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