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My Soul Story

Updated: May 6

I've been holding on tightly to one of my biggest dreams: showing up authentically and authoring my own story. It's fascinating that I have tried several times to pen something that is so impactful to my life that it resides in the very birthplace of my self identity. Yet I've been stuck on it for over twenty years. I realize now that I had been wrestling with it in my belief that it was too important to share, too big for this world. No one else would understand.

Age, wisdom, and the humility that come from living life have proven to me one thing. I AM no different than every other human on this planet when it comes to hopes, dreams, endeavors, wonderment, experiences.

I have come to realize that my self importance is giving way to Soul Influence, infused by the essence of love. My story is simply mine, amongst millions of other stories wrapped up in the entanglement of life.

This particular story is my memory of snippets of a recent past life. It leads to experiences of the life in between lives and the wisdom, joy, and serene love I felt there.

I put a personal strangle hold on these memories for several reasons. I felt awkward and embarrassed. On the one hand I had such certainty that my memories were real, valid, and important enough to inform my view of life. On the other, people don't seem to speak about their understanding of eternity, except to view it as something after death..... not before birth. I felt different. I felt wrong.

Yet the memories are persistent and always the same. My self assessment is imbued with a sense of eternity that gives me a peaceful assurance that my soul journey is endless and there's no need for perfection.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said in his "Wishes Fulfilled" presentation: "If you first consult the soul and live from the space of Eternity, the part of you that is birthless, deathless, and limitless will sense a marvelous truth: you are extraordinary."

Extraordinary. We All Are Extraordinary.

So here is my story. It is only the beginning but there is a certain freedom in simply and finally just being myself. I identify as Eternal. : )

I want you to enjoy my story not only for the content itself, but also for the medium. I intend to find others who have wondrous, inspirational stories of their own, whether navigating the human endeavor or sharing some spiritual wisdom, I want to be the witness and the scribe.

Here is the link to my journey's beginning: Echoes of the Soul

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Hello, I'm Andrea.  I wax poetic a lot of the time and embellish adjectives for the sake of the imagery and enjoyment of reading.  But please note that every story is true and happened to me.  I write with authority. Magic does really exist and miracles happen every day.

My wish is that you read my words for entertainment and inspiration.  And that soon you'll contact me to add your words to our collective dialogue of creating the new life we've always imagined it could be.

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