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Thankful Thursday

Hello you wonderful Miracles. I am introducing "Thankful Thursday" into the round up of my YouTube Channel.

I have this magical secret that I've practiced for 191 days now:

I wake very early in the morning. I drink a fresh glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice, then sit down to meditate for a short time. (more about that later)

Then I open my journal and ask, "Why Am I So Grateful Today?"

Every morning I answer that question.

I started out making it a practice to be aware of the things in my life I am grateful for. I started it out as a reminder to be happy with what I already have. But as the daily routine and the practice became a way of life for me, I shifted. I began to notice a lift in my energy, in my vibration through out the day. I began to notice little synchronic events that happened through out my day; the more I focused gratitude on something, the more it appeared in my life.

I began to realize that it didn't have much to do with the things I was grateful for, but so much more to do with the fact that I BECAME AN APPRECIATIVE PERSON. I simply am gratefulness. That shift is what allows me to notice and attract wonderful magic into my life.

I get to witness the miraculous unfolding of every single day and I get to live in the vibration of joy. I call that shift just being in the flow of....

Actually practicing the journal changed my life.

I invite you to begin your own journal. Start small with one or two "things". But then as you create a habit out of it, you might find like me, the words just pour out and you begin to realize the absolute awesome-ness that is your life. There is EVERYTHING!! Everything to be grateful for.

It's all a miracle. I get to be the witness.

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Hello, I'm Andrea.  I wax poetic a lot of the time and embellish adjectives for the sake of the imagery and enjoyment of reading.  But please note that every story is true and happened to me.  I write with authority. Magic does really exist and miracles happen every day.

My wish is that you read my words for entertainment and inspiration.  And that soon you'll contact me to add your words to our collective dialogue of creating the new life we've always imagined it could be.

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