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Soul Interview

This is a 60 mn session.  We begin the journey with a meditative practice. Breathing, Relaxing into soul.  

I sense the echo of soul energy pulsating in waves around your body.  I translate the energy into messages. 

Together we ask questions about options, opportunities, and obstructions.  The purpose is to recognize and verify the wisdom of your connection to your own soul story and find the most

efficient and harmonious way to allow it to materialize.

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Meet Your Spirit Team

This is a 90 mn session of radical allowing.  While welcoming you into a state of deep relaxation and well being we intend your increased awareness of those loving companions who reside with you on this journey in spirit form.  This may be guardian angels, spirit guides, power animals, loved ones passed.... Together we invite the heightened presence of conversation that your spirit team (I call it Yanah Group) might have for you.  This can enhance and further propel you toward creating the story you'd like to tell.

Let's Create Your Own Soul Story
Living Witness Style: a quick impactful ebook.


Initial Consultation

What is the story you are holding with in? What is the voice of your soul wanting to share? 

We meet and discuss your vision, the types of ebooks that get the most attention with the least effort, the reason to keep this one short, simple, quick and to the point, & the many ways you can use this project as a way to clear the path for more that you'd like to share: Your ministry? A new business? A larger book? 

This is the stepping stone.

This initial consult INCLUDES the "Soul Interview" as seen above. It will last at least 3 hours.



Story Creation

You and I together will generate a theme for your ebook, drawing on your authentic soul voice. 

We will put together an introduction, outline, and conclusion; the bones of the book that you can take home with you and continue to work on.

3 hrs = 150.00

As you develop and form the body of the story I will be available for you to set up sessions with me to shape the book.  This could include Spirit Team session (above)

brainstorming, or just writing and editing together until we finish your story.



Let's Get It Online! (Publish)

We will construct, edit, illustrate and design the online version of your project.  We discuss the bookstore platforms where you will be able to present your book, set a price, and start your soul story journey.  

We discuss building an online audience, and different ways you will be able to share the link to your book in order for anyone to purchase it.
I'll show you how to link the sales to your account and you can begin to generate income.

We work together and I work individually on your project until complete. 


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