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Andrea Fricke
Be The Change Speech 2018

Andrea Fricke

I have lived half a century in this body, collecting wisdom, navigating the human drama, relishing in the emotions and experiences of many stages of life.  I am included in a huge, creative, charismatic, and unique birth family of 14.  I was raised in a wonderfully spiritual and exclusive commune that led me to value the essence of eternity.  I went through many transformations in adulthood; college, traveling, in and out of romances, even worked on a fish processing ship in Alaska for a time.

Professionally I am a Massage Therapist with a degree from Mpls School of Massage & Bodywork.  I am a Reiki Practitioner with certificates and training from Meta Institute in Mpls.  And obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Creative and Professional Writing from Bemidji State University.

Personally, I am a mother to two beautiful souls who chose to traverse this human journey with me.  I am a grandmother to the most adorable little persons  I could have ever hoped to meet.  And I am an alchemist, churning the mundane into magic, living a life of creativity, adventure, and love.  I identify as Eternal and find wonder everyday.  I look forward to discovering the miracle in you.  I am your Living Witness.

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